Flag Equipment

Flag football requires a minimal amount of equipment to play and one of the least expensive programs to run…or play! Following is a list of items you will require, as well as some you may want to consider when starting your program.


  • Footballs – various sizes for different age groups
  • Flags – either single “tuck in” or flag belts with velcro or “popper” flags
  • Bean bags – for marking the line of scrimmage etc during play
  • Flat cone/discs for marking out the various parts of the flag field


  • Game shirts for teams (or pinnies)
  • Flag referee supplies (see be Officials page for details)
  • Coach playbooks, practice plans
  • Scorecards
  • Mouth guards (not required in all leagues)

How do I know what to buy?

There are two ways to plan for your equipment needs, depending on the makeup of your program.  For a drop-in program, where practices and games are more informal and not part of a strict schedule or season, the Drop-In option would be appropriate.  If you will have set “teams” for a “season” with a start and end date you may want to provide Team Kits for all teams.

For Players and Teams


A flag team normally consists of 10-12 players, so our Team Kit is packaged with that in mind.  A standard team kit consists of the following:

      • 2 or 3 age-appropriate size footballs for the age group
      • 24 tuck-in flags (or one belt) for up to 12 players.
      • 2 bean bags (commonly different colours but no essential) to mark line of scrimmage and the “rusher” spot.
      • 12-16 flat cones (discs) to mark the key parts of a flag field (goal line, sidelines and end zones, centre field and 5 yard line “no-run zone etc.)
      • 1 Ball Bag to keep everything together.


Drop-in or less formal flag programs purchase equipment based on the overall number of participants in each age division or as a whole.

This allows programs to pool equipment that can be used for all age groups (everything except footballs).

The quantities you purchase is completely up to you as many schools and community centres will likely already have most or all of the items except footballs.

Contact the Football Manitoba office for pricing and availability of any items you may need.

Footballs come in various sizes.  Football Canada has provided the guidelines below to help ensure that you are providing the correct sizes for your athletes.  Different manufacturers can sometimes use different “names” for each size, so please contact our office if you are unsure.

We recommend footballs constructed of “composite leather”.  These footballs are made of a synthetic leather (not rubber – and often have some real leather in them) that are much more cost effective and generally easier to grip for young players, and the only football used in out Football Manitoba Leagues.

Please contact us for information or a quote if you would like to purchase through our office.

For Officials