About Us


Football Manitoba is the sole Provincial Sport Governing Body of those falling under its jurisdiction (Ordinary Members, Associate Members, etc.). The Association’s purpose is to initiate, regulate, manage and communicate the programs, service and events that promote participation and excellence in amateur football in the Province of Manitoba.


The obligation of the Association is to:

a. To ensure that Ordinary Members operate in a manner that is consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association;
b. To govern an open, democratic Association that is responsive to the concerns and interests of its members;
c. To provide an equal opportunity for Manitobans to participate in all aspects of amateur football
d. To improve the standard and safety of play by developing programs for players, coaches, officials, trainers and administrators; and developing and enforcing suitable rules;
e. To sanction and/or endorse provincial, national and international competition and other events, organizations and members
f. To secure the administrative and financial support necessary to achieve its inter-provincial goals;
g. To receive, review and maintain records of all suspensions, imposed by ordinary members and when necessary to conduct a further review to determine if the suspension should be extended across the association, or if supplemental discipline is required.