Flag is the fastest growing format of the game across the world and is a variation of the well-known “tackle” football game.  The biggest difference is that flag football is a non-contact sport where tackles are made by pulling off flags which all players wear on their hips.

It is a high-tempo game which even tackle players have come to love playing as the pace is much faster and players have more opportunities to be involved in each play.

There are multiple different formats and variations of Flag Football around the world, however the standard and most widely played is 5v5 (5 players from each team on the field at one time).

In the 5v5 format, if a team succeeds in reaching the end zone they score 6 points and have the option to add a further 1 or 2 points with an extra point attempt.  A 1-point conversion attempt sees the play start 5 yards from the end zone, whilst a 2-point conversion attempt sees the play start 12 yards from the end zone.

For an overview of the game and some of the basic rules, please watch the short video below!