NEW DIVISION TIERS FOR 2024 –  teams will be assigned to one of the following two Tiers:

  • BLUE TIER is intended for newer players and coaches who are interested in having fun and learning the game.  Athletes that participate in this division have not participated in youth flag football before, or have limited exposure to flag.  The emphasis is not on winning or losing, but instead on learning the basics of the game, skills and techniques.

  • GOLD TIER is for returning teams and athletes that place more emphasis on winning and is geared towards players who have prior experience playing flag football.  The competitive division allows more highly skilled players and teams to compete with one another to help both the individual players and the teams to further development of their individual and team skills. Teams with 5 or more players having 3 years experience or more will be placed in this tier automatically. Exceptions may be granted.  Contact Neil at with any requests.

    You can register in the tier you feel is appropriate for your team, but the league will move teams based on the        above criteria prior to the season start.

NEW:  Each of the above has different requirements for coaches. Please refer to the requirements found under COACHES on the website menu.

Each team needs to be registered usually by the Head coach but can be registered by anyone authorized to do so.
If being registered by a coach the form will also register you as a coach.

Assistant coaches must wait until the team is registered before registering as an assistant coach.  Once that is done
you will be able to select your team’s name from a list to be added automatically – no Code required.

                                     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER