Football Canada Mobile App

Football Canada has partnered with Athlete Era to launch the Football Canada Mobile App. 
Football Manitoba will be providing all Manitoba Coaches FREE access to the Football Canada Mobile App. 

Information about the app can be found at

The App is the Swiss Army Knife for Youth Football Coaches – Coaches can Learn Skills, Find Drills, Create Plans, Share Content and Manage their Team With Football Canada Mobile.

Coach With Confidence In No Time With Help From Our Content Libraries
Find pre-designed drills, plays, plans, and season-long curriculum all in one place. Better yet, all content is automatically filtered by the age group and the type of football you’re coaching. We have content for flag, tackle, and a variety of other Football Canada programs.

Save Time By Streamlining Your Practice Planning & Delivery Process
Use our library plans as a template to create your own practice plans with lighting speed. Add drills to your plan from our library or create your own drills by adding videos from your smartphone. Once your plan is done, share it with the rest of your coaching staff with a single tap.

Keep Players Engaged Off The Field So They Succeed On The Field
Football Canada Mobile makes it easy for coaches to share content with their players in an engaging way. Share new drills to cut down on explanation time during practice, share skills players can work on from home, share plans and have player lead components of your practice. How you improve your team with this tool is up to you.

Simplify Your Team Communication & Scheduling
Share important updates and information with everyone on your team by posting an announcement. Schedule practices and other events to notify your team about upcoming activities. Have players and parents RSVP to create digital attendance records. Have group chats with coaches or your entire team.